Principles of Marketing

Course Description:

Students learn about the key decisions required to understand the existence of markets and how buyers within those markets may be accessed successfully for the firm and for the customer.  Key concepts include an overview of competitive markets, buyer behavior, developing new markets and products, promotion and distribution channels, pricing and profitability concepts, the sales and collections process, marketing research, the diffusion of innovations, and strategic planning.  Concepts will be presented in a real-life context.

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Q1 = When I have a question or comment I know it will be respected, Q2 = My instructor displays a clear understanding of course topics, Q3 = My instructor is actively helpful when students have problems, Q4 = My instructor displays enthusiasm when teaching, Q5 = My instructor seems well-prepared for class

Anonymous Student Feedback:

  • “Great class! Really enjoyed it, my favorite class this semester. I am pretty sure I will be picking up a Marketing Minor after this class. I like the energy Prof. Thyroff brings every class, the way she encourages conversation and gets the class to participate.”
  • “By far the best WCOB teacher I have had yet!  Loved this class and her teaching methods!!”
  • “This professor is not only excellent at presenting information in an engaging way but understands and empathizes with her students. She goes above and beyond to accommodate her students and the care and effort she puts into her job are evident every class. She is one of the best professors I’ve had in the Walton College and she truly exemplifies what a professor should live up to”
  • “Anastasia is wonderful.  She is very organized and that makes the class enjoyable and very manageable.  She is great!!”
  • “Ms. Thyroff is a great teacher.  She makes me actually want to go to class.  Her lectures are fun and interesting.”
  • “Great teacher, makes class fun by using media.  I’ve learned a lot.”
  • “One of the best/nicest teachers I have had at Arkansas.”
  • “Thyroff is the best professor I’ve had at this school.  This is easily my favorite class.”
  • “Prof Thyroff is a great teacher.  She is really friendly and smart and gets the class involved in the lectures.”

Thyroff Sample Principles Syllabus