Integrated Marketing Comm.

Course Description:

The purpose of this course is to further develop the students’ understanding of integrated marketing communications as a component of the marketing process.  The course will be devoted to the study of advertising/promotion as it relates to other aspects of the marketing mix, consumer behavior, and the legal and ethical business environment.  Areas covered also include layout, design and copywriting as well as analyses of various advertising medium.  The course will culminate with the creation and presentation of a promotional campaign that integrates service learning into the curriculum.

Numerical Evaluation: 

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 10.02.34 PMQ1 = When I have a question or comment I know it will be respected, Q2 = My instructor displays a clear understanding of course topics, Q3 = My instructor is actively helpful when students have problems, Q4 = My instructor displays enthusiasm when teaching, Q5 = My instructor seems well-prepared for class

Anonymous Student Feedback:

  • “Very modern class, using up to date technology and teaching style.”
  • “I have been very impressed with Ms. Thyroff in my time at the university. She is very positive and constructive toward her students, and teaches very well. I feel that the creative projects in her class have really prepared me for the marketing world outside of college. Other marketing professors should take note of Ms. Thyroff’s teaching methods in incorporating more hands-on marketing/creativity projects. I could also tell that she really loves her students. She takes the time to get to know her students, which matters to me. Having professors like Ms. Thyroff make me very pleased to be apart of this university.”
  • “One of the best professors I have ever had.”
  • “Anastasia Thyroff is an excellent professor!! She was highly recommended and I’m grateful to have had her as an instructor. Extremely brilliant and well spoken for such a young professional–I am very impressed! I loved her teaching style, not using a textbook but rather powerpoints and articles that would further enhance our understanding of Marcom. I also really enjoyed how she started her class with music to stimulate our minds and used her family and actual experiences to help us understand things from a real perspective. Projects were fun & open to interpretation, she gave us a lot of freedom when it came to how we worked and it was much appreciated.”
  • “My favorite teacher in the Walton College! Thank you for helping me with my recommendation letter and being such a good teacher!”
  • “Awesome PH. D. student. Helpful with anything concerning school.”
  • “You have been one of the best professors I have encountered in my business courses. Your enthusiasm for teaching and commitment to keeping students interested in the material made your class one I wanted to attend. I loved activities such as the scavenger hunt!”
  • “Anastasia provided speakers who gave real world experience that was so helpful. Her class was broad but she was able to focus in on certain aspects of marketing. I loved the class.”
  • “You are great at making marketing fun, and it is obvious you love your job!”

Thyroff Sample IMC Syllabus