Consumer Behavior

Course Description:

Consumer Behavior is the study of when, why, how, where, and what products/services people do or do not buy or engage in the market. It borrows theory from psychology, anthropology, economics, and sociology to better understand consumers. Topics we will cover include perception, memory, attitude formation, decision making, group influence, and consumer culture.

Numerical Evaluation:

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Q1 = Overall, the instructor is an effective teacher, Q2 = The instructor treated students with respect, Q3 = There was a positive interaction between the class and the instructor, Q4 = The instructor was enthusiastic about the subject, Q5 = The course was well organized

Anonymous Student Feedback:

  • “Dr. Thyroff has been one of the best professors that I have met during my tenure at Clemson. She is someone who truly cares first and foremost about her students. It is a rarity to find a professor who will go out of their ways to help guide students not for the benefit of herself but for the students. As far as her class, she presents information on consumer behavior with fantastic examples in her own personal life, examples that are relate able, enjoyable and allows her students to understand how relevant consumer behavior is to our everyday lives.”
  • “Professor Thyroff does a great job interacting with the class and making sure the material is relevant to us. The examples that she pairs with the lessons always are interesting and helpful in remembering the material covered. She also does a great job when teaching, she makes sure each student feels included and heard. She also gives good feedback on work handed in and clearly explains what is expected of us on each assignment.”
  • “Very engaging with us as individuals, despite the large size of the class. Caring, enthusiastic, and personable. Did a great job of bringing interesting learning mediums into lectures.”
  • “Best professor at Clemson. Keeps things fun and interesting while being brilliant at the same time. Definitely easy to understand what was expected, the workload is not more than I expected. This didn’t feel like a class, but I’ve seemed to learn more than any other class at Clemson.”
  • “I cannot say enough about Anastasia. She is incredible in every aspect of teaching. She remembered everyone’s name after only the first week. She was funny, made the subject easy to understand, and used current examples for everything. She had a great feel for the class and everyone loved her.”
  • “This class has been my favorite class that I’ve taken at Clemson so far. I found that the passion in the instructor made for a very captivating class. She relates well with her students and really cares about the progress of each and every student. The content of the class was extremely interesting and has made me reconsider my career path for the future.”